Which Orange Juice Has The Most Vitamin C?

Which Orange Juice Has The Most Vitamin C?
which orange juice has the most vitamin COrange juice is an awesome way to obtain your day-to-day needs for vitamin C, however some types of orange juice feature more vitamin C compared with others.

One of the most understated facts regarding orange juice that the content of vitamin C in different types of orange juice varies dramatically, even as much as 100%. Some types of orange juice contain up to twice as much vitamin C as others. If you’re searching for an orange juice that supplies the most vitamin C, here’s some important things to bear in mind.

  • Oranges that are grown in areas with cooler night have more vitamin C. Such oranges are easily identified since they will feature no green pigments in the peel.
  • Organic oranges feature higher vitamin C levels than conventionally grown oranges. A key difference between conventional and organically grown oranges is the conventional methods use pesticides that contain nitrogen. Nitrogen based pesticide sprays reduced the amount of vitamin C that develops in fruits.
  • Oranges that are grown in desert areas generate more vitamin C compared with oranges that grow in rainy areas. Antioxidants are a natural part of a plant’s defense against drought and heat, so oranges trees exposed to these harsher conditions create more vitamin C rich oranges, since vitamin C is an antioxidant.

Even though grower would most definitely provide a differing opinion, generally speaking, oranges grown in California contain more vitamin C than Florida grown oranges, and Texan grown oranges contain less of this vitamin than Florida oranges. Oranges that are grown in Morocco, Israel and Chile are the better international options for vitamin C content.

Fresh-Made, Packaged and Frozen Orange Juice

  • How orange juice is packaged makes a huge difference in its vitamin C content. Fresh squeezed orange juice will always contain the most vitamin C undoubtedly, yet some commercial orange juices contain more nutrition that others.
  • Frozen orange juice in a can preserves more of its vitamin C content than orange juice stored in cartons or bottles.
  • Orange juice packaged in resealable bottles maintains more of its vitamin C than juice stored in cartons. It’s important to always reseal the cartons properly to prevent exposing the juice to the air, oxidation kills vitamin C.
  • Orange juice stored in cartons have around 25% less vitamin C content than juice stored in bottles, and up to 50% less of this vitamin than orange juice that is frozen because it is pasteurized.
  • Orange juice that is canned and just hangs out on the kitchen shelves for months or even years unrefrigerated contains the least vitamin C content of all.

Ok, so to cut a long story short and answer the question ‘which orange juice has the most vitamin C?‘ – fresh made orange juice!

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  1. Sabrina Smith says:

    if shopping at the health food store, the organic bottle juices, is it the same a juicing you own?

  2. veronica says:

    The thing with bottled juices are, organic or not, that they still need to go through processing methods (usually heat and pasteurization) to kill bacteria and give them a shelf life. This processing kills some antioxidants and other nutrition, so a bottled juice is never going to be as nutritious as a fresh juice. Organic bottled juice is still better than non organic, but neither is a close second to making fresh juice.


  3. Sabrina Smith says:

    thank your advice

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